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Hello Everyone,

I am forming a new KZ raid group that will target players around the PST time zone. This raid group will target raiding Friday / Saturday nights around 8pm PST; this is the same as Saturday and Sunday mornings from 3am - 6am server time.

We will welcome alts of raiders from the other raid groups.

Some details:

- Loot will be dished out on a need-before-greed rolling system. Epic and Rare BOEs (that aren't needed and immediately equipped) will be randomed to everyone in the raid group. For patterns and recipes, raiders with the skill to immediately learn the recipe will have priority over raiders who do not have the skill.

- We will utilize discord at first - If things go smooth and get easy, this may no longer be required. Having a microphone is optional, I mostly care about you being able to listen to commands.

- You will be required to use certain addons, like Omen. An official list of addons to use will be added to this thread at a later time.

- I will not put up with toxic bullshit.

If you are interested in joining this raid group, please reach out to Delita / Agries. Or you can reply to this thread.

As it stands we need the following:

1x Tank
2x Healers
1 DPS with a healing offspec
Various DPS.

I will update this thread periodically with relevant information about recruitment and raiding / loot rules. Please feel free to reach out to me through any channel if you have any questions.
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